Our NDT Test facility is Nadcap accredited and operates under our BS EN ISO 9100 (AS 9100) approved quality management system. We specialise in short lead times meaning less delays to your manufacturing process. You can view our approvals on our Quality page.

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

    Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a complex technique requiring a fundamental understanding to ensure it works efficiently. We are MPI specialists. With bespoke equipment and unique capability we can test a wide variety of different components quickly and efficiently where others just can’t.

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  • Penetrant Inspection

    Penetrant inspection is a brilliant method for finding surface defects usually for non-ferrous materials. We have extensive knowledge in testing all different types of components using the penetrant inspection method and use of our own specialist equipment is key!

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  • Visual Inspection

    Visual inspection is perhaps the most fundamental form of NDT and may be called up by customers as a specific NDT operation, or maybe required in combination with other NDT methods. Often overlooked and undervalued we carry out this process as a specific stand-alone inspection with our usual high standard of attention to detail.

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