We supply a comprehensive range of NDT Equipment accessories for both MPI and Penetrant inspection. We can source almost all NDT equipment as required.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Our most popular accessories include:

  • Magnetometers (residual field indicators)
  • Insulated threading bars in a wide variety of materials and sizes
  • Ink settlement Flasks and Stands
  • Magnetic Flux Indicator Strips (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Hall effect tangential field strength indicators (Gauss Meters)
  • AS 5282 Ring (KETOS Ring)

Magnetic Particle Inspection Test Pieces

We are a manufacturer of test pieces used for the magnetic particle inspection process. We supply the following current flow test pieces:

  • TP1 – up to 1000Amp (BS6072 & RRP58004)
  • TP2 – 1000-3000Amp (RRP58004)
  • TP3 – 3000-5000Amp (RRP58004)

And coil test pieces:

  • TP4 – 5 hole test piece (RRP58004)
  • TP5 – 1 hole test piece (BS6072)

Penetrant Inspection

  • TAM Panels (Hoffman, Sherwin etc)
  • Pressure gauges (Fully stainless steel with correct range and scale for NADCAP)
  • Process Timers (Backlit)
  • Whatman Filter Papers for airline contamination check
  • Refractometers (digital and analogue)
  • Digital Thermometers

Both methods

  • Dual Light Meters
  • UV LED Lamps meeting ASTM E 3022 & RRES 90061
  • Aprons, Gloves etc